Sunday, October 9, 2011

Church Organitation, symphony of my life

I am Catholic
My Church at St. Bernadeth, Ciledug. But It closed by *** :(
And Now I am church at MKK, Meruya
I participant with church organitation.

> I followed Misdinar St. Bernadeth since 2007
   Misdinar is built by St. Tarsisius with his history :)

Our uniform for ekaristi in ordinary day
at MKK, Meruya

Recoletion Misdinar

> Roses MKK

My Friends at School, symphony of my life

Now I am at 11th Science Grader

I have history at my old school at Sang Timur Ciledug, I  am there from playground until junior high school
Many histories and memories that I got there :)

> When I was elementary school

> When I was junior high school

At seventh grader
At Kartini's Day

Photo of Final Examination
Timetable For One Class Chair

Shoot for Memorial via WEB

Lunch Together before Goodbye

Free Action Shoot
for Memorial via WEB

Now I am at 11th grader at SMA RICCI2, BINATRO
I am at Senuior High School

Independfence Day whe I was 10th grader
at outdoor field of Ricci2

Live In 2010 with SMA Ricci 2
<< at Candi Borobudur

Resting Together, @ PH BP

BKSN in Hall of SMA Ricci2

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Family, symphony of my life

    I am from "KARTIYASA" family.
    I have father, mother, and one young brother
              one grandfather
              one grandmother
              four aunts
              four uncles
              seven cousins